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Another foundation

What?!?! People are not waiting for another foundation.

When I announced my plans to quit my job and to start a foundation to raise money for supporting projects for children living in poverty through fund raising and also by donating part of the proceeds coming from the sales of my books, the responses were neatly divided along two lines: Family and close friends cheered the effort and are willing to support. All others questioned my sanity, responding, often with a smirk, “Quitting your job? At your age when economics are at their worse? You know you will never find a similar job and if you do; you will never get paid the same as you earn now! You’re out of your mind!”

They are generally right: if I have to find myself a new job I will never get paid the same as before… but they forget; the smile of a child overshadows the highest pay slip.

Amidst the many potential hurdles I might face; I will have no regrets or “what if’s ?" …I do it because I believe in it and that’s what matters in the end.

What will Kye4Kids do?
Kye4Kids is connected to the Stories of Kye books, but this doesn’t mean we will only sell books/iPad apps that we self-publish. Our mission: to find publishers for the new Stories of Kye and bring the stories to a worldwide audience.
Find creative ways, like providing drawing courses for young and old, anything art related that might help to raise money to support poor children in their basic needs like education, health, protection etc., and to find and build an engaged community around it .
Ultimately we want to ensure children enjoy the right to be a child, no matter what their race, color, background or religion.

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